Whoever coined the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”…

obviously wasn’t a politician.

“We’ve had some fun with them — a prestige tag and Florida tag are oxymorons,” Johnson said. But this time the Senate leader says he’s dead serious.

A war with Florida and Alabama would be timely, too. Georgia lawmakers have already picked a border fight with Tennessee. Napoleon might not advise it, but a three-front offensive would be exciting.

And these are the people that run our state. Sigh.


UPDATE: This AP story surveys what some of Georgia’s neighbors’ tag policies are. Florida sure knows how to gouge, doesn’t it?



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5 responses to “Whoever coined the phrase “don’t sweat the small stuff”…

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    I say if the Gators and Vols want a school license plate let them have them for $100 a tag. Use the extra money for education in the state of Georgia. If they don’t want to pay it then tell them to get a window sticker or magnet for $10.00 or less.


  2. FL Dawg

    I live down in FL, so I would be stoked to be able to get a UGA tag for my car. Don’t take any crap from any gators. Give ’em hell, gentleman!


  3. Jason

    As a lobbyist and a Dawg, I’ve already told Senator Johnson thank you.

    Any Georgian who thinks that we should have other state’s schools on our tags is an imbecile.


  4. Jason – I confess that I don’t see the big problem here. In fact, I lean towards Tenn Dawg’s point of view. Let ’em have their tags. Just make it cost.

    If a Gator fan is rabid enough to throw a few more bucks in the pot, who are we to argue? Better he or she give the tag revenue to our state than to some private company from Florida, right?

    The reality is that this is nothing more than stupid political posturing.