They could always schedule an ultimate frisbee game.

Sad. Pathetic. But amusing.

Eh? Oh, sorry. It’s just that it doesn’t look like Georgia Tech will be able to schedule a spring football game this year. Why, you ask?

… With 58 scholarship players and the inevitable injuries you can expect in a spring, fielding two complete teams to go head-to-head could be a problem. 58 players – 44 offensive and defensive starters = a 14-player cushion, and when you break it down position by position there’s a high likelihood there will be somewhere (say, center, for instance) where there aren’t enough bodies to have a full-fledged game.

Time for a small dose of reality, Jacket fans. Your team has serious depth problems and runs an offense that requires multiple bodies at the running back and quarterback slots. Unless Tech’s got one of the greatest freshman classes ever assembled on the Flats coming in, things are likely to get a little dicey come November.

But cheer up.  You’ll always have Dragon*Con.



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8 responses to “They could always schedule an ultimate frisbee game.

  1. jacksrbettor

    No probs, they can scrimmage with one of the local high schools.

    A few lucky bounces, & they have a shot at winning too.


  2. Senator,

    First, a belated thanks for the plug a few weeks back. I need to de-mothball the blog soon, but work and life have been entirely non-permissive.

    Secondly, 58 scholarship players? Has the AAFL already had its draft? What happened?



  3. Maybe Tech is waiting to see who Saban throws back in the water.


  4. Tenn_Dawg

    Wow…that is amazing. It could get real ugly for Tech over the next two years. The Dawgs have a bye before Tech too this year. We might see another earthquake reading type of score on the Richter scale……I mean score board.


  5. Atlchris

    I heard DeKalb County is looking for another school for their jamboree…


  6. JasonC

    Senator, you beat me to the punch with the Saban comment. However, as an avid Ultimate Frisbee player, I must contest. Maybe they could play flag football or have a Science Bowl instead of ruining Ultimate.


  7. My brother, the Tech fan, has played Ultimate for more than 20 years… I guess that’s why it popped into my brain when I wrote the header.


  8. well…the GT ultimate could use some help. my HIGH SCHOOL Ultimate Team just beat them in a tournament this past weekend…operative words in the last sentence-HIGH and SCHOOL