Tinkering with the rules… again

Tony Barnhart clues us in on some changes the NCAA is contemplating regarding on the field play.

The big one is with the play clock.

The biggest change will be the implementation of a 40-second play clock that is similar to the one used in the NFL. The 40-second clock will start immediately after the end of each play. Under the old rules, the 25-second play clock did not start until after the ball was marked ready for play by the officials.

It sounds like they’re trying to find the happy medium between last year’s clock rules and those from the year before. I’m sure the networks will let them know when they hit the sweet spot.

Barnhart also mentions two penalty rules changes:

The incidental 5-yard facemask penalty has been eliminated. The only facemask penalties that will be called will be for 15 yards.

There will no longer be sideline warnings for players and coaches who crowd onto the field during the game. The official may assess a 5-yard penalty without a warning for the infraction.

With regard to the first, does that mean that there will no longer be a penalty for incidental contact with a player’s face mask, or that any such contact will get a fifteen yard penalty? If it’s the latter, it would seem that an “in for a penny, in for a pound” mindset might result. If it’s the former, look for an increase in complaints about what constitutes more than incidental contact.

As for the sideline warning infraction, I can’t wait for the first time Urban Meyer gets hit with that out of the blue.


UPDATE:  Sunday Morning Quarterback says the NCAA is setting itself up to revisit next year what it revisited this year.


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6 responses to “Tinkering with the rules… again

  1. ben

    Good news! This article says they want to eliminate the incidental facemask penalty, not enforce them all as personal fouls.



  2. Ben

    I wish there would be something done about “offsetting penalties” because those rulings can be a bit petty sometimes.


  3. dean

    Why are they so adamant about speeding up the game. The games are not even 3 1/2 hours on average so what’s the issue. If you want to speed up the game limit the time allowed to review a play. In most instances I see on TV you can tell within a couple of seconds what the right call is. However the officials drag it out for 5 or more minutes.
    The sideline “infraction” rule change sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Cant wait to see this called at a crucial time in a game.


  4. Sugar Bowl ’08 took just over 7 hours to finish, and it didn’t have anything to do with what happened on the field.

    So am I right in assuming the next time Urban tries the old put-my-arm-around-the-ref-for-10-seconds-before-calling-a-TO , he is to be penalized? Because I’m sure Penn Wagers will enforce this rule. Completely sure.


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