Keeping the man happy

It looks like Mark Richt’s long wished for indoor practice facility is moving up the food chain as a building priority.

… Football coach Mark Richt has voiced his desire to have an indoor practice facility to use during inclement weather and it was identified as a “priority venue” to be studied on “an accelerated schedule,” in one Dec. 20 memo from architectural firm Sasaki Associates to Gwynne Darden of the UGA Office of University Architects.

The tough issue at this point may be where to put the sucker.

Georgia looked at different plans for an indoor facility around the Butts-Mehre building, but the preferred plan appears to be near the softball/soccer complex. That projected cost could start at $21.5 million.

Even that location is not without issues and would need further study.

“The tricky thing about soccer/softball is the elevations are not great out there,” said Johnson. “So you’d have to spend a lot of money to find a flat piece of land. Even more tricky is where does it fit in the 10-year master plan for all of the facilities and future growth.”



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2 responses to “Keeping the man happy

  1. Rival

    I wonder why the South Milledge location is preferred by the AA?

    Early designs showed the indoor facility adjacent to Butts-Mehre. That would be nice since the outdoor fields are there as are the weight room and coaches’ offices.

    Although it may be cheaper to build out on South Milledge rather than crowding a new building in the Dooley athletic complex.

    But then you have to drive out to it, unless they are planning to put all football practice fields out there.


  2. Besides even the cost of crowding something on campus there it is hard just walking around to really envision something working without major major reconstruction of parking facilities. I think the best bet to have gotten something close there would have been tearing down Stegman and redoing that whole area with the practice facility and a new basketball areana though that isnt going to happen anytime soon.