“You still can’t put a logo on a toilet seat, but you can now put one on a casket…”

I don’t know how I missed this story yesterday.

…The Board of Regents Wednesday re-visited a decades-old policy banning the use of college logos on burial items like coffins or urns, allowing fans to bring their love for their alma maters into the hereafter. A Macon-based business, Collegiate Memorials, asked the Regents to loosen the rules and after a closer look at other states’ policies, members of the board relented.

The ban was part of a policy written in 1982, that prohibited logos on burial items, sex toys and alcoholic beverages, among others.

Sex toys emblazoned with a Bulldog logo?  How much demand do you figure is out there for that?



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  1. Derek

    This is unrelated to the post but I have an ax to grind about the ‘honoring Coach Dooley’ situation.

    Every time the legacy of Coach Dooley is discussed there are idiots who think that Coach Dooley hired Ray Goff and that such a stupid hire tarnishes Dooley. I have read this at least three times in different papers since the Adams’ proposal was made public and it drives me insane.

    While hiring Ray was a bad idea, it as not Dooley’s doing. Anyone who followed the situation after Dooley’s retirement knows that UGA President Chuck Knapp and his ‘search committee’ hired Ray Goff. Dooley made one recommendation to the committee and that was Erk Russell. This committee could have had Frank Beamer and didn’t offer him the job. They did offer it to Dick Sheridan, remember him? So it is true that hiring Goff was a dumb move by dumb people, but it wasn’t Dooley’s dumb move. Please post something to spread the word so that these morons, hopefully, will not repeatedly hang Goff around Dooley’s neck. Thank you.


  2. Derek, no offense, but I’m kind of an agnostic on Dooley. He did a lot of great things, but he also had his clunkier moments, starting with allowing Auburn to court him publicly for the AD job in the days leading up to the biggest game in Georgia history, the 1981 Sugar Bowl.

    I don’t hold him directly accountable for the hiring of Goff per se, but he did set things in motion for allowing that to occur, mainly by not having anyone groomed to step into his shoes when he toyed with running for Congress. A competent AD ready to go at the time could have controlled the three ring circus we were forced to endure.

    His hiring record in the ’90s was spotty at best. I knew a lot of people who were ready to see Dooley off by 1996 or so. And while Richt has turned out to be a wonderful hiring decision for which he deserves a great deal of credit, I don’t think Dooley deserves a free pass on what turned out to be the most disastrous hire in UGA history, Jim Harrick.

    That’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but it’s how I feel. Now let’s get back to sex toys. 😉


  3. JT in SC

    Damn, and here I was hoping for Bulldawg sex toys for valentines day.

    Oh, well…maybe next year.


  4. Derek

    I’m not trying to cover for anyone. I just think that the truth is the truth. I don’t harbor any ill feelings for someone who has a different opinion about Dooley than I do so long as that opinion is based on the facts.

    Back to those stubborn facts, everyone in the state thought that the successor WAS in place; Erk Russell. I don’t know anyone with a brain who thought anyone else should have gotten that job, including Dooley. If Dooley had ‘groomed’ someone else, it would have been hard to tell that person “Thanks, but I’m going with Erk” now wouldn’t it?

    As for Harrick, I thought everyone knew that Adams, who knew Harrick from their days together at Pepperdine, forced Harrick down Dooley’s throat despite all of the warning signs coming ot of UCLA and Rhode Island. I guess I was wrong in that assumption. However, Dooley lost some cred when he hired Jirsa, so yes he is partially responsible.

    Again, I don’t care what anyone thinks of Dooley, just base your opinion on the facts, and not on the ignorance of them. I think that being the second best coach in the SEC during the Bear’s reign and bringing the Athletic Department from a middling one to one of the very best in the country are very special accomplishments. Just my fact-based opinion.

    I thought you’d help set the record straight. When Paul Finebaum made the mistake of hanging Goff on Dooley in a column he wrote when Adams would not renew Dooley’s contract, I wrote him an e-mail and he graciously apologized, but I guess he’s a pro.

    You know some people don’t like Munson. Some people think Bo was better at Auburn than Herschel was at UGA. But you know some people are really, really stupid.


  5. The point about having someone in place is that one person with an organized agenda wouldn’t have offended Erk and would have been disciplined enough not to leak news of Sheridan’s hire to the media.

    And technically Dooley did hire Goff. Or at least Dooley claims he did:

    “Ultimately I felt that Ray Goff, a Georgia man, deserved a chance (to be head coach). Ray knew the program and gave us the best chance for consistency. The Georgia people liked him, and it would obviously be a very popular choice,” Dooley later wrote of picking Goff over Haffner.


  6. Derek

    Dean Legge’s inaccurate commentary notwithstanding, what do you expect Dooley to say: “I think those who made the decision to hire Goff were idiots and Ray proved how right I was?”

    Dooley would NEVER go on record demeaning his All-SEC QB that led him to an SEC title and why should he? I’d bet if you hooked him up to a lie detector he would blow the pins off though.

    Again, Goff wasn’t Dooley’s decision. And Ray is re-writing history when he says that Erk didn’t want that job. I remember watching Erk interviewed the day he turned it down. He looked like he’d been kicked. He wanted that job, but Knapp offered him terms that he knew Erk would reject just so that Erk would not feel welcomed. Knapp didn’t want Erk. Knapp wanted to turn UGA into an ACC school and he knew that Erk would be the larger than life figure that would hinder Knapp’s efforts to change the university’s image in the wake of the Jan Kemp scandal so UGA would not be viewed as a football school. And as you know, it worked quite well for quite some time.


  7. NM

    Couple things:

    -First, the matter at hand: I think Don Leeburn (whose “UGA brand” wine turned out to be the least-embarrassing scandal of his time as regent!) is somehow behind this. I will hold back on the inevitable joke involving a Bulldog-branded sex toy and a certain gymnastics coach.

    -As for Dooley, I think Derek (not Derek Dooley, right? 😉 is correct that V. Dooley’s term as AD was quite accomplished, the entire post-Tubby basketball program notwithstanding; his tenure as football coach, while solid, seemed to have a lot of ups and downs. For that reason, and for 75 years of tradition, I think naming the south campus grounds, rather than the football stadium, is the most fitting tribute. I do, however, think that perhaps the bronze statue should be placed at Sanford.

    Now, can’t we all just get along? For VD’s former players to denounce naming probably a quarter of campus after him is almost Adams-like in its pettiness. If we care about making them happy, we might as well rename UGA “the University of Saint Vince”.


  8. dean

    Back to subject. I don’t know about Georgia logo sex toys but I’d bet there’s a market for GameCOCK logo sex toys.


  9. dean, thanks for that. We need to get this message thread back in the gutter where it belongs. 😉