Wait ’til Dink sees this.

Coaches Hot Seat Blog has a post up which asserts that most college football head coaches are underpaid. Here’s the gist of the argument:

… After looking at all 120 I-A football programs we determined that the average head coaches’ salary is 7.61% of the revenues that his football team generates. At first, the head football coach making 7.61% of the revenue that his football team generates struck us as a low number, but after taking a look at the amount of money that is raised by football programs and how it is used to fund other athletic teams, we came to the conclusion that a head football coach in college should be making around or very close to 7.50% of the revenue that his football team generates…

So when you sort their numbers, who’s the most underpaid coach in D-1 football? Why, none other than Mark Richt.

… These numbers may seem startling at first, but we believe that Mark Richt would be worth every penny of $4,950,000 million annually that he should be getting paid, if his salary was 7.5% of the revenues that the Georgia football team generates…


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3 responses to “Wait ’til Dink sees this.

  1. Jason

    Dink is an idiot. He represents that small percent of Dooley or nothing hangovers from the 80’s. Thank GOD you broke this down to where even Dink can understand.


  2. Tenn_Dawg

    That is interesting. What is shocking to me is that Tennessee’s estimated ’08 revenue is only $37 million compared to Georgia’s at $66m.


  3. RC

    Dink needs to stick to burning down failing restaurants.