Tebow for President!

We’re not talking about student body president, either.


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3 responses to “Tebow for President!

  1. Shewdawg

    “Winning all these great awards has given me a platform to set an example, be an influence and change people’s lives,” ?????????????

    Give me a big time muthafargin break. Is he going to start touring with Sean Penn, George Clooney and Barbara Streisand? Earth to Tebow! Come in Tebow! — What a bozo.


  2. Damn sight better than anything a “dawg” could have to offer. And looking at the field of candidates…, at least Tebow is respectable.


  3. ozymandiaz…

    As a Georgia fan, I am not particularly offended by your post. As a writer and Art Director, I am way more offended by your blog. Man that’s bad.

    stick to writing cliche, fruity poetry. Maybe Timmay will let you give him a kiss if you write one especially for him.