Something in the water

What is going on in Knoxville this offseason?

… During the past 38 days, nine UT football players have either had run-ins with police or been dismissed from the team for unspecified violations of team rules.

At that pace, Fulmer will have trouble fielding a team by mid-summer.

All mockery aside, somebody needs to get inside Britton Colquitt’s head – and soon. One alcohol related charge can be chalked up to college life; five in less than four years hints at an alcohol dependency problem.


UPDATE:  I feel your pain, brother.


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8 responses to “Something in the water

  1. Ally

    “FIVE. That’s how many games Colquitt has been suspended to start the season. He also must go to rehabilitation classes. And he lost his scholarship.”

    I’m stunned fat phil actually had the cojones to suspend him for 5 games. Good for him.

    That said, I hope to God its not contagious. We’ve been here before (multiple players screwing up royally) and I don’t wanna go back. Crossing my fingers we don’t have any more incidents this off-season.


  2. Ally

    Just read the comments at the end of the article you linked. Someone made the statement that Colquitt should’ve been suspended for the entire season & was guessing UT’s 6th game is a bigee.

    Guess who they play in game 6….that’s right, Georgia.


  3. gadawg

    Got to get those Fulmer Cup points. Phil is really setting the standard this year.


  4. dean

    The kid had 3 alcohol related incidents in a 12 DAY span!! Talk about your benders.
    Let me get this last “incident” straight. Apparently he’s over the legal limit, has a wreck and leaves the scene. I guess that as serious a violation of the law in Knoxville as it is in other parts of the country. He gets suspended for 5 games and loses his scholarship. Is it me of does the time not fit the crime? I’m sure mommy and daddy won’t have much trouble paying a year tuition.
    Colquitt had better be thankful he didn’t hurt anybody or himself because he would be looking at some serous time (after football season of course).


  5. CLTDawg

    It does Colquitt a bigger injustice by kicking him off the team. He obviously needs help, and by keeping him around the team, Phil can force that help on him. Now, he may not accept that help, but at least he will be exposed to it. Hopefully, the law will be applied here just like it would be if I had done it. Maybe that will be the wake-up call this kid needs.

    That said, it is kind of ironic that he didn’t get a 50% game suspension, what with us being the 6th game & all.


  6. Ally

    In all fairness, he does miss the Florida and Auburn games – forgot to mention that earlier.


  7. Brian

    If Phil had a track record of forcing that help on his players, he might not have a certain Cup named after him. 😉


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