The early ranker gets the worm.

If you’re wondering why preseason rankings (maybe the ones we see now should be called pre-preseason rankings) are such a complete and utter waste of time and effort, here’s reason #4591:

… If Perrilloux were dismissed, the defending national champion would begin its season with either a transfer from Harvard, Andrew Hatch, who played sparingly last year, or redshirt freshman Jared Lee, who has never taken a snap in college.

That is a decidedly thin lineup for a team that must face Florida and Auburn on the road and host Georgia. On the other hand, LSU begins the season with three home games against non-conference opponents Appalachian State, Troy and North Texas, which could provide a cushion for a novice quarterback.

By the way, Mandel has LSU at #6 in his “absurdly early” top 25.


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2 responses to “The early ranker gets the worm.

  1. Snowball – meet Hades.

    The above describes the chances of Perrilloux actually missing significant games next year. He knows he’s all they’ve got. That’s why he pushes the envelope.

    My two cents.


  2. dean

    This kid had (or still has) such an ego coming out of High School. I remember reading a quote from his signing day “press conference” when he said he was going to LSU to start next year and win a National Championship. He accomplished the latter but not as the (full time) starter.