Slick Rick and that river in Egypt

Let’s play a game. Can you spot the biggest whopper in this story?

Here are a few choices:

The following season, Neuheisel made Stevens sit out the first half of the opener against Michigan. In retrospect, Neuheisel said he wishes he had benched Stevens for three games to make a statement to the entire program.

“I’m not saying we should not look at the misdeeds, but it didn’t take a look at all sides.”

Neuheisel, who said he declined the Times’ interview requests and had yet to read the series…

…He said much of the Times’ information has come as a shock to him and that he wishes he had held people more accountable. He reiterated that he was unaware of most of the issues regarding Williams and Pharms, who has since served jail time for robbery and still has an arrest warrant in Washington for driving under the influence…

…Neuheisel, hired as Washington’s coach in 1999, did not recruit any of the athletes profiled in the series and maintained that finding athletes with character was a high priority.

He comes off looking worse in an article where he’s given the opportunity to defend himself than he did in the Times series.

He’s got one thing right when he notes that “there’s ‘no telling’ what the result of his interviews with UCLA would have been had the series run before he was hired.” No shit – I bet the AD is suffering from a massive case of buyer’s remorse this morning.


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2 responses to “Slick Rick and that river in Egypt

  1. Ally

    “I think that’s unfair to label all those eight years of coaching as a complete wash because we singled out some isolated incidents.”

    Isolated incidents??? Good God, if that’s not an understatement I don’t know what is. Here’s a tip Rick, when newspapers have to use a SERIES of stories to detail the trouble with your leadership skills, or lack thereof, then it no longer qualifies as isolated incidents.

    That statement alone tells me he just doesn’t get it. One thing’s for sure, at least I hope, UCLA’s AD will be wise to keep him on a short leash.


  2. dean

    I would expect there to be a lot of micro-managing from the AD over Tricky Rick.
    I wonder if he’ll be participating in the March Madness pool this year?