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There’s a first time for everything.

Tonight I tried to attend the Virginia-Georgia Tech basketball game.  I emphasize the word “tried” because the game was cancelled.

Due to rain.

There’s a leak in the roof at Alexander Memorial Coliseum (I prefer its former name:  Alexander Memorial Coliseum at McDonalds Center) and the water was coming down in one of the lanes.  So, after much head and butt scratching, the game was postponed.

You’d think engineers would have a much better handle on something like this.

I guess they must have raided the maintenance funds to pay for Chan’s buyout.



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Once again, the republic is saved.

I’ll sleep easier tonight.

… In a 142 to 10 vote Thursday, the Georgia House of Representatives passed legislation to stop making out-of-state university sports mascot car tags.

That is, unless the Legislatures in those states begin making Georgia plates for Bulldog Nation citizens living in diaspora in South Carolina, Alabama and Florida.


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Old habits die hard.

Bill Curry will always be a Techie.

The AJ-C has an article up about Georgia’s chances to run the table in ’08.  It’s typical potstirring for the paper:  because of the schedule, none of the pundits quoted think Georgia has a legitimate chance to do so (I don’t either, for that matter).

And here’s where ol’ Billy thinks the roadblocks may be coming:

… South Carolina will be tough at home, Florida will be reminded of last year’s game — and ‘the demonstration’ — ad infinitum, and Georgia Tech will be very, very tough. I think the Dawgs will lose one, maybe two.”

We’ve been warned.


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In case you haven’t noticed, it’s a quiet day (so far, at least) in college football.  Here are a few minor items you might scout:

  • If you’re a Georgia fan who watches ESPNU, you might want to find something else to do for most of the day tomorrow.
  • College football head coach:  nice work if you can get it.
  • Joe Paterno versus Fidel Castro – who leaves office more quietly?  (h/t The Wizard of Odds)
  • I’m kicking myself for missing this tidbit.   Inside his box at Doak Campbell Stadium hangs a picture of the infamous Lane Fenner catch that was disallowed — a play that should have given FSU a victory against Florida in 1966. And inside the men’s room in the president’s box, the urinals are Gator blue and orange.  Please – don’t give the interior decorators at the North Avenue Trade School any ideas. (h/t to eagle eyed Orson at EDSBS)

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Career move

I’m not linking to this post at Third Saturday in Blogtober (a great blog, and an ever better blog name) to throw stones. Lord knows, that’s not something a fan of the Georgia program has any business doing, like it or not.

But I love this fark.

It’s inspired enough that I can excuse the misspelling of “sheriff”. Unless that’s how they spell the word in Knoxville. In which case, I really love this fark.


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The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #5

October 20, 2007: LSU 30, Auburn 24

Finishes don’t get much closer – or much wilder – than the one from this game.

You really wonder what goes through the mind (or some other body part) of Les Miles at moments like this.

And Tuberville’s for that matter. He’s this close to pulling off another carefully managed win – his team was outgained by almost 200 yards, but held a five minute advantage in time of possession and didn’t turn the ball over – when he has to watch this crazy person on the other sideline go for broke. And make it.

Maybe it was karma for this:

AP game recap here.


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