Career move

I’m not linking to this post at Third Saturday in Blogtober (a great blog, and an ever better blog name) to throw stones. Lord knows, that’s not something a fan of the Georgia program has any business doing, like it or not.

But I love this fark.

It’s inspired enough that I can excuse the misspelling of “sheriff”. Unless that’s how they spell the word in Knoxville. In which case, I really love this fark.



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5 responses to “Career move

  1. Ghost of Neyland

    Wish we could take credit for the fark, but not the misspelling. I’d not have spelled it that way.

    Thanks for the link!


  2. NorthGADawg

    First off love this dern site, it’s a sweet addiction…
    I was told that the kicker Britton’s family is very, very wealthy and that taking the scholarship away was to appease the AD. Also great timing with the game after his 5th suspension happens to be between the hedges.

    Also any truth to Saban kicking off former scholarship players to make room for the 33 new recruits?


  3. NGD, you’re making me blush… thanks for the praise.

    As to your Saban question, click on the “Alabama Coaching Search” category link on the right and read the last three posts, particularly the one that links to the Montgomery Advertiser article. Those should give you some idea of what lies ahead.


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