Old habits die hard.

Bill Curry will always be a Techie.

The AJ-C has an article up about Georgia’s chances to run the table in ’08.  It’s typical potstirring for the paper:  because of the schedule, none of the pundits quoted think Georgia has a legitimate chance to do so (I don’t either, for that matter).

And here’s where ol’ Billy thinks the roadblocks may be coming:

… South Carolina will be tough at home, Florida will be reminded of last year’s game — and ‘the demonstration’ — ad infinitum, and Georgia Tech will be very, very tough. I think the Dawgs will lose one, maybe two.”

We’ve been warned.



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7 responses to “Old habits die hard.

  1. Tech “very, very tough”? Doubt that with a new coach and an imploding team and an abysmal recruiting class.


  2. Giggles. He so funny.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    The Nerds will be lucky to be fielding a team by week 8.

    Tough schedule + new demanding system + huge depth issues = a return trip on the ol’ 6:09 Express.


  4. What Hobnail_Boot said, with addition of “in Athens, where Tech will be lucky to draw 100 people not already in the band” and “after Georgia has an off-week to prepare.”

    Cumberland had better odds.


  5. Hey to Goober

    While I find Curry’s comments regarding tech’s (lower case disrespect intended) chances at winning laughable, he has always been very complimentary and respectful of Coach Richt.

    I also have to add that I have much more respect now for Mr. Curry than in the past. I’ve had reason to e-mail him one occasion – please don’t accuse me of treason – and he has always been responsive and candid.

    Still … I hate tech, and can’t wait to watch the team play them after a week off.



  6. dean

    Maybe he means Tech will be very, very tough in the ACC. NAHHH!!


  7. I love the AJC’s position for the last few weeks. Neener neener, Georgia, you might not be #1 next year! Neener neener, Georgia, you might not go undefeated next year! Neener neener, Georgia, Terence Moore says you didn’t deserve the BCS Championship last year!

    I mean…I’m crushed.