The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #5

October 20, 2007: LSU 30, Auburn 24

Finishes don’t get much closer – or much wilder – than the one from this game.

You really wonder what goes through the mind (or some other body part) of Les Miles at moments like this.

And Tuberville’s for that matter. He’s this close to pulling off another carefully managed win – his team was outgained by almost 200 yards, but held a five minute advantage in time of possession and didn’t turn the ball over – when he has to watch this crazy person on the other sideline go for broke. And make it.

Maybe it was karma for this:

AP game recap here.


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3 responses to “The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #5

  1. I still can’t figure out why, after the go-ahead score in the fourth quarter, Tubbs called a fricking squib kick with more than three minutes left in the game. After that and the meltdown on “Blackout Saturday,” I decided I was officially tired of hearing about what a great “big game” coach he is.


  2. Believe it or not, I’m willing to cut Tubby some slack on the squib kick. Going back and reading a lot of the recaps on these games, it’s apparent that Trindon Holliday scares the crap out of every coach in the conference.


  3. Bulldog Bry

    Holliday would scare me too if I could FIND him. He’s small and fast – a freakin ‘Where’s Waldo’ on the gridiron.