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Everything’s coming up roses.

‘Bama’s got a couple of kids who will be taking medical redshirts, which happens all the time… as Georgia fans know.  No doubt Saban was aware of this when he was signing the entire senior class of Alabama high school football players and factored it into the ’08 class numbers.

This kid’s story is particularly poignant and you can’t help but wish him the best as he gets on with his life after football.  Well, unless you’re somebody like the guy who posts this comment in response to the news:

hmmm, now all of sudden Bama has three scholarship openings,
one to a pellet and two fdue to injury. I guess the new class will be filling in real sooner than we think. RTR!!!!

RTR, indeed.  Stay classy, dude.


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The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #3

October 13, 2007: Kentucky 43, LSU 37 (3 OT)

To get the full perspective on the outcome of this game, you first have to go back and explore the rich tradition of Kentucky football. Particularly this moment:

It’s painful to watch that play unfold while Guy Morriss is dripping with Gatorade and UK fans are already on the field celebrating.

So it’s nice that they got a chance for redemption.

This one was a thriller, pure and simple. It was also the only game all year in which a LSU team whose trademark in 2007 was resiliency (don’t forget this game was sandwiched between LSU’s wins over Florida and Auburn) would blow a double digit lead and lose.

The difference maker in the game was Andre Woodson, who finished 21-38 for 250 yards and three touchdowns against the ninth best pass defense in the nation. He wasn’t sharp early, but showed his mettle on a late, under two minutes in the half drive to bring the ‘Cats back to 17-14 at halftime.

From the point in the third quarter when LSU went up 27-14, Woodson got his footing. He completed seven of his last nine passes in regulation and brought his team back to a 27-27 tie with a little more than 4 minutes to go.

LSU had the ball for the last 13 plays of regulation, but was unable to get anything more out of it than a missed 57 yard field goal. So, it was on to overtime.

The teams traded scores in the first two overtime periods. In the third overtime, Kentucky scored a TD when Woodson pump faked and found a wide open Steve Johnson in the end zone (the defender had slipped). From there, the Wildcats got the mother of all UK defensive stands.

Simply put, a fabulous game.

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