Life goes on.

A pastiche of doings in the world of college football:

  • An opportunity for attrition, or simply a matter for the Peer Intervention Group? Hint: Johnson, a senior defensive back from Sulligent, was one of the Crimson Tide’s captains and team leaders. This past season, he had 94 tackles and six interceptions.
  • “[Meyer] is a guy not highly regarded among other coaches for his tactics.” Really. Who knew?
  • Someday soon, someone will come up with a Sam McGuffie drinking game. There will only be one rule. Can you guess what it is?
  • ESPN’s SEC spring practice summary and its SEC spring practice power ratings are out. More love for the Dawgs, in case you were wondering.
  • TE NaDerris Ward is weighing the possibility of a transfer to a school closer to his Oakland, California home.
  • It’s not enough for Georgia Tech internet geeks to whine about being treated badly at Sanford Stadium. Now they have to complain about mistreatment in other people’s homes. Talk about self-parody.
  • The Birmingham News lets us know that the SEC continues to generate a boatload of money.
  • The BN also convenes a panel of experts to choose the fifteen greatest broadcasters in SEC history.  The panel knows its stuff.


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3 responses to “Life goes on.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    So a Techie goes on a rant, doesn’t remember anything because he was too drunk, and is bitching about being thrown out of someone else’s home?
    Sounds like he has problems WAY beyond being a Tech fan……….


  2. The Dean

    Let me get this straight. A dude runs his mouth at a house party in Athens after the GT game, decides to sucker punch someone, then his ‘girlfriend’ has to rescue him?

    To top it off, he uses the situation as a bragging point about getting to first base with said ‘girlfriend’?

    Wow. Just…wow.


  3. So if I, as a Georgia fan, invite a Techie over for a get-together, I have to redecorate my apartment to suit him, because I wouldn’t want him to get offended by all my UGA stuff. I also can’t talk about the Dawgs. If I do, that counts as permission for the Techie to go on a profane, drunken rant about how my team sucks — and if I get offended by that, I’m the asshole.

    Lesson learned: I won’t be inviting any Tech folks over anytime soon.