The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #2

November 24, 2007: Tennessee 52, Kentucky 50 (4 OT)

1,084 yards of offense. 13 passing touchdowns. 192 offensive plays.

It’s a wonder any of the players were still standing at the end of the game.

The game may have featured the most unlikely overtime series in SEC history. The Vols’ winning score came when they managed to convert a first and 25 with a 40 yard touchdown pass – Ainge’s seventh. How many times have you seen a 40 TD yard score in a college overtime period?

Before that, there was this exchange of possessions.

1st and 10 at UK 25 Arian Foster rush for 4 yards to the Kent 21.    
2nd and 6 at UK 21 Erik Ainge pass intercepted by Sam Maxwell at the Kent 1, returned for no gain to the Kent 1.    
DRIVE TOTALS: Tenn drive: 2 plays 4 yards, 00:00 Tenn INT
Kentucky at 15:00 TENN UK
1st and 10 at TENN 25 Rafael Little rush for a loss of 2 yards to the Tenn 27 out-of-bounds. 38 38
2nd and 12 at TENN 27 Rafael Little rush for 8 yards to the Tenn 19.    
3rd and 4 at TENN 19 Rafael Little rush for 2 yards to the Tenn 17.    
4th and 2 at TENN 17 Timeout TENNESSEE, clock 15:00.    
4th and 2 at TENN 17 Lones Seiber 34 yard field goal BLOCKED.

As a Georgia fan, it’s a real punch in the gut to watch this.

It’s a credit to Kentucky that it was able to take that blow and immediately come back and score a TD in the next OT period. The ‘Cats couldn’t click on the two point conversion, but, then again, Tennessee couldn’t either after the Vols scored to tie the game at 44-44.

After Tennessee converted the two point play in the fourth OT period to make it 52-44, it was up to UK to answer. The ‘Cats closed to within two on four straight rushing plays, and everything came down to this play to take the game to a fifth overtime:

Sometimes you stop the other guy in overtime, and sometimes the other guy stops you.


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4 responses to “The 10 best SEC games of 2007: #2

  1. Bulldog Bry

    I hated this game. The Lord told me never to watch it again.

    But yeah, it was a thriller.


  2. Prissy Pants

    What can I say… the BLIND squirrel got LUCKY!!!


  3. HamDawg11

    One stinkin’ yard!!!! One stinkin’ yard….that’s all that stood between the Dawgs and a potential shot at the big prize! Oh well, UT beat the crap out of us, so we can’t whine about it.

    There’s always next year! (I hope that’s the last time I say that for a long, long time….


  4. dean

    I guess it was karma because when UK was lining up for the FG I had already dialed one of my buddies number and was waiting to hit send. It was a great game though.