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Ward to transfer.

So much for that glut of talent at the tight end position:  NaDerris Ward is transferring at the end of the semester.  I hope things work out well for him and his family.

This may change recruiting plans a bit:

Ward’s departure leaves new Georgia tight ends coach John Lilly with three scholarship players at the position for next season — senior Tripp Chander, sophomore Bruce Figgins and freshman Bryce Ros — or four if you include redshirt freshman Aron White, who also plays receiver. Georgia lost commitment Dwayne Allen from North Carolina to Clemson on signing day earlier this month.



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High praise, indeed.

It seems like the AJ-C is fixated on which true freshmen will see the field for Georgia this season.  After Chip Towers gave us his impression earlier in the month, Carter Strickland throws his two cents out there.

For the most part their lists overlap, but Strickland does have a pretty good quote from Rodney Garner about Toby Jackson:

… Then all eyes could turn to Toby Jackson as a potential backup on D-line. Just where Jackson would be a backup is another question.

“I don’t know what he is but he is something,” Garner said. “God blessed him more than he blessed some.”


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Maybe UT’s just a basketball school now.

It can’t be good when you’re looking at the third major media criticism of your program in a week or so. But that’s where Phil Fulmer is at today.

Matt Hayes doesn’t really shed any new light on the matter, but he does toss this line into the mix:

… Other coaches have used Tennessee’s off-field problems over the years to negatively recruit, and it will only get worse with this recent run of issues.

Gosh, I wonder why anyone would do that.

Captain Renault is shocked, shocked to find that negative recruiting goes on in the SEC. Especially involving Phil Fulmer.


UPDATE: Coaches Hot Seat Blog piles on weighs in.


UPDATE #2:  Somebody decides to run with the “UT is a basketball school” theme.

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Let’s play two.

It’s pretty well known that the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville don’t exactly get along. One area that has seen a good deal of sparring between the two has been over when to schedule their annual football game. The issue was supposedly resolved as the two schools agreed that the home team would get to pick the date. Last year, that worked just fine for UK.

That was last year, though. This year, Louisville wants to accommodate ESPN and schedule the game for a Monday night as part of a Labor Day special. Kentucky, despite the compact, is balking. Why?

Well, as reasons go, this one is teh awesome.

… UK athletics director Mitch Barnhart said Monday that the Wildcats won’t agree to a Labor Day contest, saying it puts them at a disadvantage for its game with Norfolk State the following Saturday.

Just so we’re clear, Norfolk State ain’t exactly Appalachian State. The one game in 2007 NS played against a D-1 team didn’t go so well: Rutgers wiped the floor with Norfolk State by a score of 59-0. It wasn’t even that close. Rutgers led at the half 45-0.

In other words, the ‘Cats could schedule Norfolk State as the back end of a double header and still beat ’em by 10.

U of L athletics director Tom Jurich couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

More accurately, a comment that could be printed.

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