High praise, indeed.

It seems like the AJ-C is fixated on which true freshmen will see the field for Georgia this season.  After Chip Towers gave us his impression earlier in the month, Carter Strickland throws his two cents out there.

For the most part their lists overlap, but Strickland does have a pretty good quote from Rodney Garner about Toby Jackson:

… Then all eyes could turn to Toby Jackson as a potential backup on D-line. Just where Jackson would be a backup is another question.

“I don’t know what he is but he is something,” Garner said. “God blessed him more than he blessed some.”


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5 responses to “High praise, indeed.

  1. Greg

    Carlton Thomas is the guy I think is getting overlooked. With his ability to return kicks and catch the ball out of the backfield, I could see him being a situational player that makes our offense even more dangerous next year.


  2. dean

    I’m going with a long shot (or not) and say Cornelius Washington. I like this kids attitude (from what I’ve read) and think he starts contributing mid-season.


  3. He’s awfully small to play DE right now. I think they’re expecting he’ll need a redshirt year to grow into the position.


  4. dean

    Quite possible. However don’t rule him out at LB just yet either. I know we’re loaded with bodies at the LB spot but with 4.5 speed…
    Still he’s 6-4 220 (last I saw). So in todays DE position he would really only need to add 30lbs. I know 30lbs sounds like a lot but giving the regime the guys go through it wouldn’t take long for Coach Van to put 30lbs on a 6-4 frame. You look at Q. Moses and Howard at the success they had. I’d be (cause I don’t know right off hand) neither of them were much more than 250.


  5. dean

    Sorry. The last sentence of the previous comment should start by saying “I’d bet…”