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You should be dancing, yeah.

If you can’t beat ’emjoin ’em.


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Winning ways

Phil Steele has the rankings of the top 21 teams in overall wins and top 15 schools in away from home winning percentage over the past five years posted at his site.

Georgia has a more than credible showing on both lists:  7th in wins and tied for third in away from home winning percentage.  LSU is the top SEC team on both lists.  Southern Cal is first overall on both lists – and check out that unbelievable winning percentage figure.


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Misty water-colored memories

Terence Moore, Saturday March 29, 2008:

No coaches have more distinctive personalities than those involved with college football. Take Georgia Tech, for instance, where Bobby Dodd was a battler, Bill Curry was a philosopher, Bobby Ross was a perfectionist, George O’Leary was a screamer and Chan Gailey was a — well, he was a what?

Terence Moore, Wednesday, May 2, 2007:

Chan Gailey is an unappreciated treasure at Georgia Tech for many reasons.

In the immortal words of Dan Quayle, “what a waste it is to lose one’s mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is.”

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An SEC spring

A few tidbits for your reading pleasure:

  • If I were UT’s Jonathan Crompton, I wouldn’t get too comfortable. It’s usually not a good sign for the QB when the coaches are raving about how well the secondary is playing. Or when the backups are putting up better numbers – and the freshman is being called the “most impressive”.
  • If its spring game is any indication, Mississippi State’s offense doesn’t sound like it’s gotten any better: a 6-0 final score. In overtime. The leading rusher in the game had 15 yards.
  • Urban Meyer talks about the “dope look”. After you read about it, admit it – it’s not what you thought, is it?
  • Unlike the MSU game, there was plenty of offense at Auburn’s A-Day – 70+ passes and all of the offensive plays run (fired?) out of the shotgun. What may be lacking, though, is a bit of team chemistry. “3. Franklin was especially critical of the two quarterbacks’ sideline ‘leadership.’ Burns and Todd were apparently shirking their responsibility to signal in the formation when fourth-stringer DeRon Furr was in the game. Franklin was not pleased, and he volunteered his displeasure to reporters. ‘They weren’t being good team guys,’ he said.”


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Getting that preseason Dawgy love

From today’s The State, five guys say why Georgia is #1 going into the ’08 season:

Five members of The Associated Press’ Top 25 college football voting panel tell us why they’re leaning toward putting Georgia No. 1 on their preseason ballots:

1. Stewart Mandel, Of the teams that finished high last year, Georgia has by far the most key players coming back, with the possible exception of Ohio State. But there’s obviously reason for skepticism with the Buckeyes.

2. David Jones, Florida Today. Knowshon Moreno is just beginning to show how good he really is. He’s my preseason Heisman favorite over [Florida’s] Tim Tebow.

3. Jimmy Burch, Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram. In Matthew Stafford, the Bulldogs have a veteran quarterback with more skins on the wall at the college level than the guy who will start at Southern Cal, Mark Sanchez.

4. Tom Luicci, (Newark, N.J.) Star-Ledger. I’d go with Georgia because of the wealth of talent, particularly on offense, it has back. I’m not sure the national champion this year was even the best team in the SEC at the end of the season.

5. Joe Person, The (Columbia) State. Here’s hoping success doesn’t spoil Moreno. The way the Heisman candidate sprints back to the huddle after every carry is reminiscent of how Pete Rose ran out every ground ball. That kind of energy is infectious.


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More SEC notes

More random SEC stuff, a week before the G-Day game:

  • Bobby Petrino is opening up spring practice to the fans, because “I think that will help our players understand what kind of stage we’re on…” After last year, he really thinks his players don’t have a feel for what their fan base is like?
  • Another “bullet dodged” story: remember when Georgia recruited this guy?
  • So, CFN thinks that LSU, with Appy State, Troy, North Texas and Tulane as its OOC schedule (all at home, of course) has the toughest slate of games in the SEC West this season? Does that say more about the rest of the schedules in the West, or about CFN?
  • And while we’re on the topic of schedules, did you see that every one of Tennessee’s SEC East opponents except for Vandy has a bye week before playing the Vols?
  • Barf.


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Tony Barnhart throws out a little SEC love this morning with this post, in part noting that

… Reasonable (or unreasonable) people can disagree over whether of not the SEC is the strongest football conference in the country. But here is the rundown, by conference, of the 10 national champions since the BCS began in 1998:

SEC (4): Tennessee (1998); LSU (2003); Florida (2006); LSU (2007).

Big 12 (2): Oklahoma (2000); Texas (2005).

ACC (1): Florida State (1999).

Big East (1): Miami (2001).

Big Ten (1): Ohio State (2002).

Pac-10 (1): Southern Cal (2004).

The one fun fact that he doesn’t mention is that every school on that list went undefeated to earn its MNC – except for LSU (both times!) and Florida.

So maybe the BCS gives the SEC a little more respect than we give it credit for sometimes.


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