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SEC news and notes

Random conference stuff I’ve come across in the last few days:

  • If I didn’t know better, Finebaum sounds like he’s lobbying to become Nick Saban’s PR director.
  • Tommy Tuberville wants a better indoor practice facility. Here’s a review of the current status of IPF’s around the conference. Three schools don’t have one at all. And it sounds like Arky’s punter has it rough, doesn’t it?
  • Speaking of Auburn, the Tigers’ spring practice starts today. With Tubby expecting the number of scrimmage plays to be up by over 50% from the previous offensive regime, it sounds like more of a track meet than a wrestling match. Don’t forget TT’s promise that Auburn’s defense will continue to be as physical as ever.
  • Looking at Georgia’s spring depth chart, the Dawgs are still a very young team: only 12 players on the two deep are seniors.
  • Bobby Petrino’s not in any hurry to play the Texas Longhorns. What do you figure the odds are that Petrino will still be at Arkansas in 2014?


UPDATE:  It’s early, but they’re already dropping like flies at Auburn’s spring practice.


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