The ring’s the thing.

Tony Barnhart points out in today’s AJ-C that Georgia faces eight head coaches on its 2008 schedule that have national championship rings. That’s damned impressive.

But it’s nine if you count this one.

It’s a rule: if you have a national championship parade, you get a national championship ring.



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4 responses to “The ring’s the thing.

  1. Dude…. I wrote that article over a month ago….

    And I dated Tony’s daughter back in college and law school for about 8 months…


  2. Good job, Rusi. Looks like Tony owes you a hat tip…


  3. dean

    I don’t know, that ring looks an awful lot like toilet paper to me. I guess it’s convenient for when he’s got his thumb in his rear trying to figure out how to stop the toss sweep.


  4. Considering the history between me and his family, if he took my idea, he owes me more than that…..he owes me a damn big apology.