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Encore, encore!

Dawg Post has a nice highlight video of Knowshon’s greatest hits from 2007.

By the way, as you watch, keep an eye out for Massaquoi’s blocking on a lot of those plays.


UPDATE:  It sounds as if Georgia is looking for an uneventful spring from Moreno.



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Pass the egg nog, please.

I hadn’t seen this fark before. It’s heartwarming.

And before I see any responses from ‘Cock fans, yes, I know, 16-12… 16-12… 16-12. I still wouldn’t trade places with you guys – if you’re honest, were you standing in my shoes, you wouldn’t either.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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Spring has sprung.

Slow news day in Athens:

… That naturally prompted the question if this team’s stretching compares favorably with the two national championship Florida State teams he coached as an assistant.

Richt bit.

“You know, the stretching was good,” Richt said. “We get the blood flowing and then we stretch. It’s pretty spectacular to watch.”


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Bad boys, bad boys… what’cha gonna do?

All those student athlete off field “issues”… what to do, what to do?

If you’re the NCAA, you can indulge yourself in a good case of hand wringing.

If you’re Tommy Tuberville, you can mine it for recruiting fodder against your biggest rival.   (Although Jason Campbell seems to suffer from an exceedingly short memory.)

And if you’re Steve Spurrier, you can pick your spots.  Or blame the cops.  Whatever works…


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