Bad boys, bad boys… what’cha gonna do?

All those student athlete off field “issues”… what to do, what to do?

If you’re the NCAA, you can indulge yourself in a good case of hand wringing.

If you’re Tommy Tuberville, you can mine it for recruiting fodder against your biggest rival.   (Although Jason Campbell seems to suffer from an exceedingly short memory.)

And if you’re Steve Spurrier, you can pick your spots.  Or blame the cops.  Whatever works…


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2 responses to “Bad boys, bad boys… what’cha gonna do?

  1. dean

    It’s all over “The State” newspaper in Columbia that the linemen got “Rodney Kinged” by the Cola PD. Of coarse the kid, who is 6-6 320, was just defending himself, from a 6-1 195lb assailant, and had no part in instigating the altercation. But for some reason he resisted arrest and subsequently got beat down by a couple of LEO’s .
    On the Mike Davis situation; I’ll guarantee he won’t be suspended for the third game.


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