Pass the egg nog, please.

I hadn’t seen this fark before. It’s heartwarming.

And before I see any responses from ‘Cock fans, yes, I know, 16-12… 16-12… 16-12. I still wouldn’t trade places with you guys – if you’re honest, were you standing in my shoes, you wouldn’t either.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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2 responses to “Pass the egg nog, please.

  1. dean

    I had passed this around to all my Gamecock friends and co-workers back before the bowl season telling them that supplies were running out so they had better order Spurrier’s Christmas album. Man you should have seen some of the responses I got.
    Any (game)Cock fan that’s not completely delusional will admit they caught us at a good time. We were coming off the emotional Okie St. game, they had been preparing for us all spring/summer and it was just the right time to play us. I’ll bet none of them would have wanted to play us the 7th or 8th game of the season.


  2. Greg

    This year the Cocks have not one, but two Thursday night games before they play us. NC State at home and at Vandy are both pretty dangerous games for them while we have home games vs GSU and CMU. Advantage UGA.

    If we do lose some games this year, I sure hope it’s not SC or UT…don’t know what would be worse, a 2 game losing streak to the Cocks or a 3 game skid vs UT.