Car tags and college football

Georgia residents, relax.  Evidently our state isn’t the only jurisdiction where the government is forced to grapple with the most troubling issue of our times:  car tags extolling support for an enemy school.

Today, we bring you the blight in Tuscaloosa:

When you trace the links back from the FanHouse post, you wind up at this message board thread, which is teh awesome:

After much debate, I decided to email Ken Swindle (Tuscaloosa Police Chief) a picture that I had seen posted on here by a couple of different members. It is a picture of a TPD patrol car with an Auburn tag on the front. I e-mailed him the picture, addressed the issue of credibility (and the growing lack thereof), and asked that he check into it and have it removed if possible. Here is his response:

When we checked that was the only unit with a tag like that and it has been removed. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


“A tag like that”.  He can’t even bring himself to say the “A” word.  My friends, America is a great country.

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