Matt Stafford: more than “a good guy with a great arm”?

Maybe I’m just nitpicking, but this line in today’s AJ-C article about Stafford made me wrinkle my brow a little bit:

… The coaches at Georgia have continued to tell Stafford that big plays are not always going to win the game and make him an accurate, reliable quarterback. He said he is getting the message.

“(Watching the film) I learned a lot about just taking what the defense gives you and hitting your target,” Stafford said. “Just try to make it easy on those guys to catch it.”

The coaches started to see that Stafford grasped that concept more and more as the season went on. To keep Stafford interested Bobo said he would continue to call plenty of downfield throws. [Emphasis added.]

Like I said, perhaps I read too much into that, but could you imagine any coach saying that he had to gimmick the playcalling to keep David Greene interested?

Matt’s a wonderfully gifted physical talent.  I guess we hope this is the year that the rest of the package catches up.  It’s scary to think what a fully engaged Stafford might be capable of.


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15 responses to “Matt Stafford: more than “a good guy with a great arm”?

  1. Ally

    To me that’s a typical pot shot by the ajc. I don’t believe for a second that’s indicative of who Stafford is as a player and teammate. From everything we know for sure about him, this just doesn’t ring true.
    The only thing the ajc does consistently and well is stir the pot. IMO, that sentence is just another to add to the pile.


  2. Chuck

    Are you suggesting that Stafford has made this an issue? That Bobo literally is having to keep him interested?

    I think it’s just something Bobo said to indicate that Stafford loves to sling it downfield from time to time. I think you’re reading way too far into this, as you suggested.

    I haven’t seen anything from Stafford to give the impression he’s less than fully engaged since he arrived.


  3. Mike

    I think you’re nitpicking.


  4. At best, it’s a strange comment. Like I said, it’s not something you’d ever see said about Greene.

    My guess is that Bobo probably wishes he’d have phrased that a bit differently.


  5. dean

    To me it seems all Bobo said was he would continue to call plenty of down field throws and, as Ally mentioned, the AJ-C added the “To keep Stafford interested” zinger.


  6. Apparently Richt even brought up the “bored” theme on a Jacksonville radio interview on Wed. He sees that as a good thing, meaning that Stafford finally has the grasp of the offense that the coaches want. I wouldn’t read very much negative into it – when you have a gifted kid in the class, the teacher has to come up with new ways to challenge him. That said, job #1 should be worrying about the completion and efficiency numbers that the Sen. posted the other day. Get on the right side of 60% and then talk to me about grasping the offense.


  7. Ed

    “it’s not something you’d ever see said about Greene.”

    Yeah, Greene couldn’t throw it that far.

    You’re looking for something to knock MS on and it’s really transparent.

    MS likes to sling it downfield. It’s exciting and it give you more of a chance to make a big play. Most qb’s dont have the ability to do it like MS does.

    As a result, the boring comments come because MS like everyone else has seen the excitement from those throws even when they miss.

    You’re posting about this says more about YOU than it does about MS.


  8. You’re looking for something to knock MS on and it’s really transparent.

    Yeah, that’s why I called Matt a “wonderfully gifted physical talent”. LOL, what, you think I woke up yesterday morning and thought, “Gee, I need to find something to bash Stafford about on a Georgia football blog”?

    Man, get real – it was a strange thing to say. That’s why I posted it. Nothing more, nothing less.


  9. Chattanooga Dawg

    I could see Bobo saying something like “We’ll keep calling QB draws to keep David on his toes.”

    I think Bobo was just joking around about Stafford’s arm.


  10. Brandon

    Hey guys, its not even a quote. The Journal-Constitution paraphrased, so we don’t even know if the word interested was even used. I know its the offseason, but let’s not get so worked up about a wormy editor. Thanks good senator, for keeping us interested through the day.


  11. kckd

    Senator what you singled out as a strange comment wasn’t quoted but what the AJC reporter put in his story.

    Do I need to remind you they ran a story a few days ago that headlined “Logan Gray might play WR”. The coaches never said a damn thing about WR when you listened to the press conference and interviews.

    Bobo probably said something to the effect of “We’re still gonna take our shots downfield, with that gun he might get too bored dumping it off all the time”, then the AJC puts their own spin on it.


  12. Rest easy. Chances are it’s more of a case of regretful wording from the reporter. Segues aren’t as easy as they should be.


  13. Barry


    Remember who wrote the article – Carter Strickland. Not exactly a paragon of journalistic virtue, is he?

    I think you may be reading too much into that comment. The thrust of the article is that Stafford is doing what the coaches wish. Don’t worry; he’ll be fine.


  14. tom

    Please keep in mind the DA who wrote the article. Typical AJC manipulation of the quotes to try and keep the readers. Good luck on that one.


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