Market correction

It’s Dink NeSmith’s worst nightmare:

Georgia football coach Mark Richt will get a raise and contract extension Thursday during a special meeting of the executive committee of the Georgia Athletic Association board of directors, according to a source within the athletics department.

Richt currently makes $2.2 million a year. His existing contract runs through 2013. He is the sixth-highest paid coach in the SEC.

I bet Richt doesn’t have to shave his head, either.


UPDATE:   A nice raise, but no contract extension (six years left).  Ching has the details.


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5 responses to “Market correction

  1. Ally

    Hard to believe that at 2.8 mil he’s the 5th highest paid coach. That’s a lotta bank for 5th place.
    Really glad to see the Assistants getting raises as well. They certainly deserve it too.
    Thanks for the update!


  2. HVLDawg

    No contract extension?

    I’ll bet CMR said thank you for the raise, but I’m not adding another year for 5th in the league kind of money.


  3. kckd

    no point in giving him a contract extension at this point when it’s very likely to come in the next year or two.


  4. I agree, especially if things go as well as we hope in ’08 and ’09.

    Bottom line is what MR always likes to say: he’ll be in Athens as long as they want him there.


  5. HVLDawg

    I thought a head coach gets a contract extension every year he’s winning- just ask big Phil F. That’s why I think CMR said, “Talk to me about contract extension next year when you don’t think I’m 5th best in the league.”

    Of course coach wants to stay in Athens forever, but he doesn’t want to be treated like a chump either. The only leverage he has is to let his contract get closer to expiration.