The Gators must be thin on the offensive line.

Why say that?

James Wilson wants to transfer to Wake Forest. Urban Meyer thinks the redshirt freshman offensive lineman might be better off remaining at Florida.

Meyer said during his pre-spring news conference Wednesday that he has not given up on trying to talk Wilson out of his decision to leave. Wilson asked UF for his release last week, but Meyer isn’t ready to grant it yet.

Hey, Coach Meyer knows best.

“All young people go through issues,” Meyer said. “We’re not going to stop trying to get him to come back because he’s a quality guy. I think he could be a heck of a player.

“He’s not practiced once at the University of Florida (due to injuries). He’s going through a funk like a lot of young people do. At the end of the day, I’m going to do what’s best for him because he’s a good person…”

True, he didn’t say which day.

There’s a lot of talk in the article about quitting. But that’s not what the kid’s up to here. He wants to keep playing football, just not at Florida.

There’s a lot of effort going on here for an offensive lineman who hasn’t played in a game and won’t practice this spring because of knee problems. He must be a really, really good person.

I’m Urban Meyer and I approved this gesture.


UPDATE: Evidently Meyer has a lot of juniors who are good persons, too.

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7 responses to “The Gators must be thin on the offensive line.

  1. UgaMatt

    Of course he’s a quality guy; we all know Urbs only recruits the top 1% of 1%.


  2. dean

    I’m surprised he’s even trying to keep the kid. To me he seems like the arrogant type that would say “fine you don’t to play for ME, a football God, then go to Wake Forest”.
    But wait why does he need offensive linemen when he’s got TEBOW!!!


  3. Ally

    My hatred for this asshat of a “coach” grows daily. I’ve posted (more times than I can count) on here about the importance of honoring one’s commitments. But when a player wants to leave a University & team after giving them a fair chance, he needs to be released.
    Urban has no right to force him to stay by not granting his request to transfer, especially considering the fact that Wilson won’t be competing for an SEC program.
    Urban’s need for a lineman shouldn’t trump Wilson’s right to play for a team and a program that suits his needs best.
    Pass the petition…Free Willy!
    And, btw, where are Wilson’s parents/guardians? Hopefully someone will step-up on his behalf and put some pressure on Urban & the SEC to let this kid go.


  4. Ally, my understanding is that some of Wilson’s problems stem from a dysfunctional family situation. Evidently his parents are divorced, live on opposite coasts and his college selection (he originally committed to Southern Cal) came as a result of a tug of war between the two.


  5. Ally

    Thanks for the info. I hate it that he’s going through so much turmoil. All the more reason to let the kid go, imo.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    I’m guessing he was a 5-star recruit.

    ..looking it up..

    WOW that was easy. Wilson was a 5-star OL out of Ponte Vedro, FL. Urbie would’ve let him go ASAP otherwise, too predictable.


  7. DirkDawgglerdc

    Last year, Tebow needed 5 lineman to block. This year, he only will need 3. Next year, it’ll be Tebow and a receiver. What’s the big whup?