Lloyd Carr and others in the (Dawg) House

While most of the attention of the Dawgnation was focused on Mark Richt’s (as well as his assistants’) deserved bump in compensation, there was a spring practice as well.

Lots of high school coaches were in attendance. Former Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr dropped in, too (no mention of his bud Russell Crowe, though).

What is of interest is that it looks as if the freshman wall may have been hit by a few kids yesterday.

While full contact was not supposed to begin until today, you couldn’t tell from the leather popping on Field One, where the offensive and defensive lines were getting after it.

Among the notable battles to occur there were: guard Justin Anderson vs. tackle Corvey Irvin (advantage Anderson); center Ben Jones vs. tackle Ricardo Crawford (big advantage Crawford); tackle Josh Davis vs. Demarcus Dobbs (draw); and tight end Bruce Figgins vs. Jeremy Lomax (Figgins wins).

“Big advantage Crawford”? Ben Jones is supposed to be whipping asses and taking names – what’s going on here?

… Georgia has four “mid-year” freshmen — Dontavious Jackson, Ben Jones, Tavarres King, Richard Samuel — participating in spring practice. But Richt wasn’t ready to heap praise on any of them just yet.

“Most of the brand new guys are really just trying to figure it out,” he said. “Things are moving really fast for them. We put in an awful lot of system very fast in the spring because, if you take away the mid-years, everybody’s got experience. You put things in more quickly and you have less days. So those young guys, they’re heads are spinning right now.”

Richt was asked about redshirt freshmen.

“It’s hard to say right now,” he said. “I’ve mentioned Caleb [King] a lot. He’s doing well. You see [tight end] Aron White showing some signs of coming around. That’s all I can think of right now.”

It’ll get better. It always does.


UPDATE:  For a taste of what it’s like on the other side of the freshman wall, check out this brief, but great interview with Rennie Curran.



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6 responses to “Lloyd Carr and others in the (Dawg) House

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    If Ben is getting whipped by Crawford then we are in trouble at the center position. Maybe the AJC got it backwards….fingers crossed!!


  2. TD – check out what mac had to say about Ben at the AB-H board.

    It’s way too early to get worried about it.


  3. Dr Dawg

    Crawford played like an all SEC tackle the last several games. Be Jones is a true freshman. Givre the kid a little time before dishing him!


  4. scdawg

    Good interview with Curran. Hard not to like a kid that plays that hard and sounds that smart. I love the “confused and hot” comment about his Fr. fall camp. Can’t wait to see how he does when he knows where he’s going.


  5. Brandon

    I bet Ben Jones is getting worked in practice right now by a more experienced Crawford. Otherwise, I would probably question Ricardo’s ability. Don’t worry, Coach S. will have him ready for the fall & he’ll be meaner ‘n hell. I love spring in Georgia.


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Rennie will be a nationally known player by the end of the ’08 season, mark it down.