Punditry roundup

With the basketball postseason underway and Georgia on Spring Break (which means no spring football), it’s a slow news day… so we’ll take a look at what some of the leading lights in the media have to offer.

  • TSN’s Matt Hayes lists his top 25 players in college football today.   Moreno checks in at #4, ahead of Tebow (!).  Stafford makes an appearance at #21.  Ohio State is his only school with three on the list.  The SEC leads all conferences with seven.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not sure Dennis Dodd is doing Urban Meyer any favors by making P. T. Barnum comparisons.  Which, of course, is not to say that such comparisons may be warranted.
  • Yeah, I know this is an opinion piece about the basketball program, but it expresses a common enough mindset applied in all sports that I’ve never understood – namely, that a retention decision about a coach who’s been running a program for a number of year can come down to one play.  Mind you, I’m not expressing an opinion about whether Felton should stay or go.  I simply don’t understand the logic behind Kaltefleiter’s assertion that a successful bank shot against a fairly mediocre team (which beat Georgia in Athens a week ago) makes Damon Evans’ decision more difficult.
  • Speaking of Felton, I can’t imagine it’s helpful to find yourself referred to as Chan Gailey’s “blood brother”.


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2 responses to “Punditry roundup

  1. Chuck

    If Reggie Ball were still playing, he’d be 22 on that list for sure.


  2. Seriously

    Good one, Chuck! Now that was funny!