You can’t stop Josh Jarboe, you can only hope to slow him down.

If you recall, top WR recruit Josh Jarboe was recently charged with two felonies, theft by receiving a gun and carrying a weapon within a school safety zone.

… An assistant principal claims he then saw Jarboe grab a silver and black handgun from the back of Davis’ car and tuck it into the waistband of his pants.

Police said the gun, a 380 caliber pistol, was loaded and stolen.

“I ain’t never been in trouble. Never been,” Jarboe said. “I was getting dropped off for my track meet. It was in his car. That’s it.”

Must be one tough track meet.

Anyway, it ain’t no big thang, according to the Oklahoma Sooner commit.

“If you know me, (you know) I’m a good person. This is just a speed bump that has slowed me down,” Jarboe said. “I’m going to get up out of this and go on doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

I always love it when football players talk about speed bumps.



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2 responses to “You can’t stop Josh Jarboe, you can only hope to slow him down.

  1. Ally

    Thank God this kid is another Stoops problem and not ours. We don’t need the drama and rap sheet that will most definitely come with this kid.


  2. Dr. Thomas Johnson

    This thug needs to be taken off the streets before he kills someone. It’s a wonder he didn’t use the pistol on another student before he was stopped!