Bob Costas says he has half a brain.

And so another (well paid) journalist joins the ranks of those contemptuous of sports blogging. Bob Costas lets his internal crank out:

Y ears ago, the only way sports fans could have their voices heard by the masses was calling a talk-radio show or writing a letter to the editor.

But expanding technology has provided myriad forums to vent and opine — whether it’s launching blogs or commenting on them, weighing in at the bottom of articles on newspaper websites, or participating in online polls.

Several thorny issues have arisen along the way, including how much access should be granted to people who launch Internet sports blogs or websites, but aren’t trained journalists published by a newspaper or magazine. NBC/HBO’s Bob Costas wondered this week about the wisdom of offering a wider forum to fans who can say whatever they wish without being held accountable.

Damn you, pesky First Amendment!

Nothing says you’ve got a solid argument quite like a little clichéd namecalling to make a point:

‘… But it’s one thing if somebody just sets up a blog from their mother’s basement in Albuquerque and they are who they are, and they’re a pathetic get-a-life loser…’

Why do these guys feel so threatened?

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UPDATE:  Costas clarifies.  Sort of.



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2 responses to “Bob Costas says he has half a brain.

  1. “trained” journalists would never sensationalize a story in the name of sales or television ratings.

    Never will you see front a page headline with 2″ block letters in the Sunday edition, followed by a retraction in microprint on page C11 in Wednesday’s classifieds.

    Never will NBC be accused of setting explosive charges on a roadway to flip a SUV and attempt to pass it off as a genuine story concerning safety.

    These are trained journalists….professionals…masters of their chosen craft with integrity beyond reproach.

    This is an open letter to Mr. Costas from the blogging community, begging for forgiveness. Bloggers are guilty as charged. Please accept my personal apology and please continue to uphold the journalistic standards that have been established by your peers.


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