“It drink pretty good, don’t it?”

Regular readers here know that I don’t post very much off topic stuff here, but every once in a while an opportunity arises that has to be shared. This is such a case.

First, it’s about beer, a subject near and dear to my heart. Second, it’s in Alabama, which ought to give you a hint about the level of intelligence you’re about to be subjected to. Third, it involves politicians, so double whatever you expected.

In other words, all the food groups are represented.

Just a little background: the Alabama Legislature is debating the passage of a bill that would allow craft beers (alcohol content greater than 6%) to be sold in the state.

You have to skip to the 5:33 mark on this YouTube clip to hear one of the great political speeches of this century, from Rep. Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery). It’s worth it. (Partial transcript appears below the clip.)

“What’s wrong with the beer we got? I mean, the beer we got drink pretty good, don’t it? I ain’t never heard nobody complain about the, uh, beer we have. It drink pretty good. Budweiser. What’s the names of some of them other beers?…”

Help a brotha out, man.  He’s against the bill because there’s already too many damned beer names to keep track of.

That made the Georgia Legislature’s car tag debate sound like the first act of Hamlet.

(h/t Hit & Run)


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7 responses to ““It drink pretty good, don’t it?”

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  2. dean

    Don’t know if it’s just my computer but the video and audio go out at the 3:59 mark.
    I think there are some valid points made by the supporters of the bill. How many teenagers are drinking Sam Adams, Sierra Nevada or any of the more expensive beer? Heck all I could afford back in those days was the “beast” or some Nat’ lite and that was with some buddies pitching in. You get just as drunk off the cheap stuff as the more expensive stuff.


  3. dean – I agree with your points, but, trust me, it doesn’t matter here. If you can’t hear the good Rep. speak on your computer, you need to find another one.


  4. CLTDawg

    They passed a similar law up here in NC a couple of years ago. Believe me when I say this – the quality of beer I now have access to & enjoy would be lost on the Alabamans who would look on it as “Queer Beer”. A fully alcoholic Stella is a wonderful thing to experience.


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  6. CJF

    Hey. How about you travel some and stop embarassing yourselves? Especially this Rhodes Scholar from NC. Have you BEEN to NC? Morons are everywhere, people. Everywhere. Let’s try to escape some of your myopia, ok? It’s sad.


  7. yeah there are lot of cheap stuffs that you can buy on e-bay these days including those made in china stuffs ”