More random, tasty ‘Net bites

Again, with March Madness fully underway, the pickings are kinda slim right now, but there are still some items worthy of your attention.

  • Sunday Morning Quarterback takes an early look at Auburn. He’s got the Tigers pegged at 9-3, but getting there looks to be half the fun, per Tony Franklin: “We’re throwing the ball all over the place, and then we pound it at them.” Also, pom poms are for sissies.
  • David Ching has announced that he’ll be moving to Athens to cover Georgia sports on a year round basis. Combining his current thoroughness with that kind of proximity to the program will mean that you’ll never need to read anyone else’s blogging to get the good poop on what’s going on there. Er, wait… that’s not what I meant.
  • Groo mentioned that Sports Illustrated now makes its archives available online. If you haven’t checked out SI Vault yet, do so. It’s damned impressive. Easy to get lost there.
  • And Penn State intends to offer a course called “Joe Paterno, Communications and The Media.” The class is supposed to focus on “the evolution of sports journalism into today’s fast-paced, Internet-driven media marketplace” (maybe they should call it “From Papers to Pajamas”) through the perspective of JoePa. Evidently, the course’s designer thinks it’s significant that Paterno used to know the names of the beat reporters who covered Penn State football, but no longer does. I’m not sure how much of that is the result of evolution and how much of that is just the natural state of mind for an 81 year old cranky gent. In any event, it’s likely that said cranky gent has the best perspective on this: “What would they want to possibly do a course about me for?”

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