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Simple question

If “college football has reached new highs in recent years”, why does it “passionately, frantically, desperately need a playoff system“?


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Does this uniform make my butt look fat?

Jasper Brinkley is up to 270 pounds or so.

South Carolina is moving Eric Norwood, all 265 pounds of him, to linebacker.  I guess they don’t want Brinkley to feel like he’s oversized all by his lonesome.

Seriously, that’s one monstrously sized linebacking corps they’re assembling in Columbia.   It’ll be interesting to see how they adjust in the era of the spread offense.



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Slogging on

March Madness rolls on (although it’s not fair enough for some folks) and so must we.  Here are some more college football thingys to read about:

  • Bruce Feldman looks back in the wake of the Pryor signing to tell us who the top players out of the class of 2005 really turned out to be.  And here’s something about one who hasn’t panned out.
  • C’mon, you know you wanted to see this:  Florida spring practice report.  As you can guess, it’s all teh awesome.
  • This is one way to cut down on players selling their bowl game rings(h/t ladydawg @ OAF)
  • For those who think that Mississippi State’s success last year will be hard to duplicate, Ivan Maisel has a counterpoint:  13 players on the roster for spring practice will be redshirt freshmen this fall, and none of them are listed on the first team. In fact, the Bulldogs have 16 senior starters. The SEC West isn’t getting any easier but a more mature Mississippi State team will assert itself.
  • Mindful of Bob Costas’ assertion that real journalists have some particular insight that sets them apart from basement dwelling bloggers, I give you this headline:  DUH.  (I’m doing a V8® smack to the head right now, combined with a “why didn’t I think of that?”.)

That is all.

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