Does this uniform make my butt look fat?

Jasper Brinkley is up to 270 pounds or so.

South Carolina is moving Eric Norwood, all 265 pounds of him, to linebacker.  I guess they don’t want Brinkley to feel like he’s oversized all by his lonesome.

Seriously, that’s one monstrously sized linebacking corps they’re assembling in Columbia.   It’ll be interesting to see how they adjust in the era of the spread offense.


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5 responses to “Does this uniform make my butt look fat?

  1. DirkDawggler

    I think they’re adjusting to the spread nicely, thank you. Peanut butter spread, Cream Cheese spread, cheeze-whiz and Chick’n in a Biscuit…


  2. You’d think that if their coach was such an all-fired super genius he’d understand how to put a padlock on the refrigerator in Brinkley’s apartment. And weren’t Jasper and Casper the two beluga whales who perished unexpectedly at the Georgia Aquarium? Sometimes the jokes simply write themselves . . .


  3. Bob

    And sadly, Brinkley (from Thomson,GA) was UGA’s to have if they’d really wanted. Oh well.


  4. Bob, the story I heard was that Georgia offered Jasper, but not Casper. The brothers were looking for a package deal.

    Sometimes, that’s life.


  5. dean

    Once again Senator you are correct. The Brinkley brothers wanted a package deal out of GMC. Norwood is the one Georgia didn’t offer. Living in So. Car. I’m privy to such information.