Odd stat watch

Did you know in the last season –

  • that of the top 30 teams in the country in tackles for loss allowed, only 4 had losing records?
  • that the service academies were three of the top eight schools in the country in fewest penalties?
  • that Georgia did not have a single player in the top 100 nationally in passes defended, solo tackles or total tackles?
  • that the national leader in passing yards per completion was Navy?
  • that opponents only converted two of fifteen fourth down conversion attempts against Mississippi State?
  • that Stafford to Massaquoi for 84 yards against Florida was the longest pass play in the SEC (or that the Gators also gave up the third longest pass play in the conference)?

Now, do any of those items mean anything?  Consider and discuss.


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6 responses to “Odd stat watch

  1. smithbaby1

    While having the service academies have the lowest penalty count does not surprise me…I mean they are trained outside of football to be disciplined…it did surprise me a little bit to notice how many of the “top” schools (the ones who always seem to make it to the top ten) were at the BOTTOM of that list.


  2. jpdawg04

    How about one of our opponents next year nearly “leading the nation” in Tackles for Loss allowed per game? Arizona State chalks in just in front of Touchdown Other Guys…err. Jesus.


  3. Good catch.

    One thing I noticed about ASU last year was that Rudy Carpenter did not handle pressure well.


  4. dean

    Had no idea the Stafford to Massaquoi was the longest in the conference. Thanks, that does the heart good.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    UF’s pass defense was only slightly better than Clarke Central’s.


  6. Scottie

    Look at who Navy plays. Will an SEC team ever be able to boast with a stat like that? …Not when every team has an A+ to B- secondary.