It’s time to play: Write The Caption!

Knock yourselves out.

(photo courtesy Sports By Brooks)


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20 responses to “It’s time to play: Write The Caption!

  1. dawgystyle

    “She is cute but I wonder if she can kiss as good as Joiner”

    – Tebow

  2. Hmmmm Orange and White Rubber bracelets….that is either a minor NCAA violation or he is transferring to Tennessee!

  3. Ben

    “I hope my Mom doesn’t see this picture. She’ll be the laughingstock of the whole Home School Academy community.”

  4. One of these people has tremendous physical assets.

    The other one is Heisman winner Tim Tebow.

  5. JG

    “It’s too bad I’m a raging homosexual.” – Tim Teblow

  6. Chuck

    A fullback with a full front.

  7. Julie

    The real turn-on is this red and black I’m wearing.

  8. Kit

    “Seriously, put the camera down and help me get my Heisman trophy out of her shirt.”


    “You’ve been TE-HO’ED.”

  9. Peachykeen

    Tebow gets a jump start on future career as short-order chef; introduces himself to staff.

  10. Peachykeen

    “I wear red & black because Georgia OWNS me.”

  11. Peachykeen

    Camel Toe and Camel Face unite over wings, cheap beer.

  12. Eleygality

    Which of these two runs the better “spread option?”

  13. ClayForm

    Who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?
    I don’t even like girls.


  14. LADawg

    Tebow warming up for today’s three point stance clinic

  15. Eleygality

    New To Go Menu Item:

    Fresh Apilachacola Oyster on the Half Back, I mean Shell.

  16. S.E. Dawg

    The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Is that tears I see?

  17. Atlchris

    “If I can just touch the hem of his garment!!!”

  18. Wolfman

    Tebow, acting on bad advice, decides to replace his right arm with a Hooters girl, under the impression that replacing his right arm with a hot chick will keep him from getting sacked so many times in the WLOCP. He soon must get her amputated, as allegations spread that Urban Meyer had a overly textual relationship with the girl.

  19. KG

    Tonight I’m gonna pound this chick harder than we’ll pound the Bulldogs in next season’s WLOCP. She might not survive.

  20. Peachykeen

    I think what “KG” means is:
    Tonight I will get pounded on Jesus Juice like the Bulldogs pounded me. 8 times. In one game. I cry myself to sleep just thinking about November 1, 2008.