Tell the truth…

does this look like the face of someone who was charged with underage drinking?

Seriously, the only college freshman I’ve seen recently who looks older than Garcia is Greg Oden.

Don’t forget how Spurrier threw the book at him last time, either. Maybe this time he’ll be suspended for two days.


UPDATE: I was close. He’s suspended until August.


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6 responses to “Tell the truth…

  1. dean

    Loving the approach Spurrier is taking. “It’s outta my hands. It’s up to the University to decide. If they say he’s here then he’s here…..” Way to take a stand SOS (stands for Sack of Sh*t)
    I’m all about giving kids chances to amend for their mistakes but this kid has got issues. I don’t know if its the whole “my daddy’s a lawyer” thing or what but but he seems to have a problem with authority.


  2. Herk34

    What is it with Cocky QB’s and bad hair? Take some advice that Taneyhill and Mitchell didn’t….find a barber outside the Columbia city limits.


  3. Brandon

    According to the linked article, Garcia graduated high school early(?) to be with the team in January ’07. How is he 20 years old one year after he graduated early? Maybe in South Carolina anyone who graduates high school before the age of 20 is considered an early graduate. He looks like Scott Stapp after drunken fisticuffs with 311.


  4. dean

    Garcia is from Florida. Meaning he didn’t graduate high school in SC.
    To answer your question, he graduated early in 06 and depending on his birthday could have turned 19 shortly after that. Or maybe he has an early birthday, before March 24th. Therefore he could have turned 19 shortly after joining the team and most recently turned 20. Fairly simple if you actually stop to think about it a second.


  5. Tenn_Dawg

    I was thinking the same thing Brandon. For those of you who may not know Scott Stapp was the lead singer for the band Creed. I would be surprised if this kid ever plays at USC but I doubt it will be because SOS or the USC administration won’t let him. Maybe he can transfer to UT and hang out with Britton Colquitt.


  6. ClayForm

    Is it me or does he look like the Highlander?