More tales told on the recruiting trail

From Carter Strickland’s piece on Georgia’s recruiting for the ’09 class, there’s this little comparison:

… Georgia has to hedge its bets when it comes to recruiting between 20 and 25 players.

“It’s a catch 22,” Garner said.

Georgia wants those players, may even need those players, but it can only offer so many scholarships or it might find itself in a pinch like Clemson. Clemson oversigned its class and was forced to not renew Atlanta native Ray Ray McElrathbey’s scholarship. (Scholarships are given on a year-by-year basis.)

Bulldogs coach Mark Richt has always said he once a player signs at Georgia, that player’s scholarship is good for all four or five years. So Richt and Georgia do not want to get themselves into a situation where they would oversign.

What’s the over under on how many current high school senior football recruits will hear the name “Ray Ray” in the next ten months?


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4 responses to “More tales told on the recruiting trail

  1. dean

    It’s dirty but if I were a recruiter and was after a kid, which Clem[p]son was after I’d probably say “Ray Ray” a dozen times or so.
    Do you remember the Saturday Night Live skit Kevin Nehlen(?) used to do called subliminal man? Well that’s the tactic I would use. “You don’t want to go to Clem[p]son-Ray Ray McElrathbey- because they may not honor your scholarship-Ray Ray McElrathbey- every year. However at Georgia-Ray Ray McElrathbey-we honor our kids scholarships-Ray Ray McElrathbey- for the duration of their time at the school-Ray Ray McElrathbey.” Something along those lines.


  2. Ally

    I read an interview of Ray Ray’s mom from the greenville paper yesterday (Bart Boatwright’s page btw) in which she sheds some more light on the situation. Apparently Ray Ray heard he was getting cut from teammates BEFORE hearing it from the coaching staff.

    Can’t blame Garner at all for using the Climpscum debacle to our advantage. Especially to Atlanta area kids. But then again, I will never understand why we have to…I mean what has Climpscum done under Tammy to prove they can and will compete for a championship of any kind?? What exactly is so appealing – howard’s rock? the oh-so gay purple pants? I don’t get it.


  3. Richt-Flair

    So Dwayne Allen’s last-minute switch left UGA hanging when we could of offered a kid that scholly (Omar, for instance), and at Clemson it means Ray-Ray gets the boot. Nice.


  4. CLTDawg

    Awesome Mr. Subliminal reference. Don’t forget to add in losers, cow college, middle of nowhere, and a few others while discussing the young mans future.