Doin’ the o-line shuffle.

Well, here’s one thing to look for at G-Day:

Richt took issue with some of the offensive line play he has seen during the spring. Georgia returned three starters and the top backup from last season. But the line has not come together as quickly as Richt would like.

“There’s no question that the defense is ahead of the offense by a good margin,” Richt said. “Most of it’s happening up front. We’re not getting the QB-center exchange. We’re not able to provide a lot of space for runners and time for passers. I’m sure it’s frustrating for offensive skill people when you wonder what can be. But up front right now we’re probably a little further behind this year than we were a year ago. We’ve got a ways to go.”

Georgia lost center Fernando Velasco and tackle Chester Adams as outgoing seniors. Velasco took every meaningful snap last season. His projected replacement, Chris Davis, was a starter at guard last season and has not found a rhythm with the quarterbacks yet. A number of regulars are back, but not all are in the same position. Kiante Tripp, who was a defensive end last spring, is the projected starter in Adams’ old spot at right tackle. Vince Vance, Georgia’s top sub last season, is the projected starter in Davis’ old spot at left guard.

There’s still half of spring and all of fall practice to get things sorted out.  And Georgia has two winnable games to start the season, so there will be plenty of game time experience before traveling to Columbia.  With the job Coach Searels did last year, there’s no reason to panic, but I hope that Bobo is able to call a better game against the ‘Cocks this season without being handicapped by o-line concerns.

By the way, is it just me, or does the throwaway line at the end of the notebook –  Matthew Stafford wore a wrap on his non-throwing wrist but his passes did not lack zip – make as little sense as it looks?


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5 responses to “Doin’ the o-line shuffle.

  1. dean

    I’m wit’cha. The o-line will be fine by August 30th. It may not be pretty for G-day but really it’s really not the biggest concern. I know it’s been said hundreds of times already but the biggest concern is Blair Walsh. We’re hanging our collective hats on a kid who’s never kicked in front of 90-thousand plus people before. I know he’s got all the tools and he seems to have the right attitude but we all know how much CMR loves to kick it. That’s a lot to expect from a kid fresh from his prom. I just hope he’s a little more consistent than the last kicker we signed out of high school was.


  2. dean

    Sorry I’m a premature comment submitter. Anyway that last line about Stafford makes absolutely no sense. Why would a wrap on his non throwing hand effect his throwing ability?


  3. Chuck

    You throw with the throwing hand. You add zip with the other hand. It’s like salt or something.


  4. Dr. Tom

    The problem last year at South Carolina wasn’t Bobo or the O’line. It was the total (and customary choke jobs) of Kenneth Harris, Tony Wilson, and Michael Moore. Worst big game players we have ever had.


  5. dean

    You’re absolutely right. It’s the same for baseball pitchers. Yet they seem to throw just fine with a glove on their non throwing hand. If his non-throwing hand were in a cast or sling I could understand it affecting his throwing ability (zip) but a wrap…