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Tony Barnhart throws out a little SEC love this morning with this post, in part noting that

… Reasonable (or unreasonable) people can disagree over whether of not the SEC is the strongest football conference in the country. But here is the rundown, by conference, of the 10 national champions since the BCS began in 1998:

SEC (4): Tennessee (1998); LSU (2003); Florida (2006); LSU (2007).

Big 12 (2): Oklahoma (2000); Texas (2005).

ACC (1): Florida State (1999).

Big East (1): Miami (2001).

Big Ten (1): Ohio State (2002).

Pac-10 (1): Southern Cal (2004).

The one fun fact that he doesn’t mention is that every school on that list went undefeated to earn its MNC – except for LSU (both times!) and Florida.

So maybe the BCS gives the SEC a little more respect than we give it credit for sometimes.



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