An SEC spring

A few tidbits for your reading pleasure:

  • If I were UT’s Jonathan Crompton, I wouldn’t get too comfortable. It’s usually not a good sign for the QB when the coaches are raving about how well the secondary is playing. Or when the backups are putting up better numbers – and the freshman is being called the “most impressive”.
  • If its spring game is any indication, Mississippi State’s offense doesn’t sound like it’s gotten any better: a 6-0 final score. In overtime. The leading rusher in the game had 15 yards.
  • Urban Meyer talks about the “dope look”. After you read about it, admit it – it’s not what you thought, is it?
  • Unlike the MSU game, there was plenty of offense at Auburn’s A-Day – 70+ passes and all of the offensive plays run (fired?) out of the shotgun. What may be lacking, though, is a bit of team chemistry. “3. Franklin was especially critical of the two quarterbacks’ sideline ‘leadership.’ Burns and Todd were apparently shirking their responsibility to signal in the formation when fourth-stringer DeRon Furr was in the game. Franklin was not pleased, and he volunteered his displeasure to reporters. ‘They weren’t being good team guys,’ he said.”


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4 responses to “An SEC spring

  1. mike m

    Reading all this stuff about how the O-line is having problems. I think they’ll do just fine come game time this fall because they won’t be facing the dawg defense.


  2. JT

    Yep, Iam not too worried about the O-line it is practicing against what should be the best DL in the SEC.


  3. Bulldog Bry

    As far as Emanuel Moody, all he has to worry about is whether or not Meyer will embarrass him on the sidelines after a fumble by yelling, “What the @#$ are you DOING?” and having it broadcast on national TV.

    He can ask Moore how that feels.

    Stay classy, Urban.


  4. jason

    If our 0-line can handle the pass rush from our d-line, a national championship is ours for the taking