Winning ways

Phil Steele has the rankings of the top 21 teams in overall wins and top 15 schools in away from home winning percentage over the past five years posted at his site.

Georgia has a more than credible showing on both lists:  7th in wins and tied for third in away from home winning percentage.  LSU is the top SEC team on both lists.  Southern Cal is first overall on both lists – and check out that unbelievable winning percentage figure.


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3 responses to “Winning ways

  1. dean

    Shouldn’t there be an asterisk by Boise St.? Not to diminish what they’ve accomplished but really…. The WAC.


  2. HamDawg11

    Not too shabby considering our next two years look to be promising (and hopefully more).


  3. Sam

    Phil Steele’s magazine is the one “must have” publications in all of CFB. The amount of information available in PS’s “bible” is not even approached by the other mags. He has also been the most accurate of all the forecaster’s when evaluating the SEC the past few years. While no one has a crystal ball for specific outcomes, Steele seems to hone in on the critical factors that seem to play out in the season. He doesn’t get misled by fluff statistics from the prior year and focuses on how players/teams performed in the big games.

    To think the next edition will be available in about six weeks brings me pleasure. It will occupy my spare time for a couple of weeks while I make notes to assist my occasional lapses into the sinful act of sports wagering. I am willing to bet PS picks UGA over Florida in the East based on SEC game performances….oops, sorry, trying to clean up my act. No more betting until September.