You should be dancing, yeah.

If you can’t beat ’emjoin ’em.


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3 responses to “You should be dancing, yeah.

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if anything pops up on Auburn’s message boards about this — I have to admit I’m curious to see if this will prompt Auburn’s fan base to direct some of the same ugly racial code words toward their own student body that they directed toward our players last November.


  2. I doubt much will be said, unless outsiders bring it up.

    And it’s likely the response will be to stress the difference between (Auburn) concert goers and (Georgia) football players.


  3. dean

    You can’t convince me that (some) AU students and athletes didn’t dance to “Soulja boy” prior to or haven’t since the black out game. What a bunch of hypocrite’s. Like you said Senator it’s not like were playing the lyrics, which I can’t understand anyway. It’s just the beat and it’s kinda catchy. Now if it were the beat to “F the police” by NWA I could maybe understand. Maybe if we’d played “She thinks my tractor sexy” AU fans could have related better.