Breaking the law is so stooopid.

Especially when you’re with a program boasting a questionable APR.

Of course, that can give a coach the excuse to look thoughtful and deliberate:

Speronis said a team’s academic progress rate (APR), the NCAA’s new academic measuring stick, also has forced coaches to be more deliberate in making disciplinary decisions.

Teams lose a retention point by dismissing a player in the middle of the school year, and they could lose a scholarship if the player is academically ineligible at the time and the team is below the minimum threshold, as the Gamecocks are currently.

“That’s not an excuse. But that has to figure in,” Speronis said. “That is taking the holistic approach in discipline.”

“Holistic”?  Is that the same thing as “forgiving when you need the kid on the field”?

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