Paul Johnson’s diplomacy

Say what you will, Paul Johnson is one confident son-of-a-gun:

Paul Johnson has a simple answer for why the triple-option offense can work at Georgia Tech.

Actually, it’s a question first that gets us to his answer: What has Oklahoma done lately?

“Bob Stoops has done a great job, but they haven’t been near as successful as when Coach (Barry) Switzer was running the option,” Johnson said.

Well, yes, but Stoops does have that national championship and five Big 12 titles to go along with six BCS bowls. That’s not exactly slacking.

A point is a point, and Johnson isn’t about to slow down.

“Alabama hasn’t been near as successful (since it ran the option),” he said. “Auburn hasn’t been near as successful. It took Texas forever.”

The thing is, if there’s one place on the planet that can bring a cocky coach back down to earth, it’s the Flats. Besides Columbia, I mean.

I will say that Johnson does give us the perfect epitaph for the Chan Gailey era, though:

“If something wasn’t wrong, if what they were doing was so great, we wouldn’t be here.”

“It’s not like we’re coming in here and dismantling this high-powered machine that was lighting everybody up.”


UPDATE: Groo may have delivered the ultimate kiss of death.



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9 responses to “Paul Johnson’s diplomacy

  1. Chuck

    The kind of coach you love to hate. Nothing against PJ before he got to the new job, but now I look forward to seeing him fail and complain and make excuses (hopefully) and getting fired in due time.


  2. Ally

    Umm yeah, coach Johnson, there is a very good reason why all of those schools stopped running the option.

    Maybe he’ll figure it out when he leaves Athens this year with his tail between his legs.

    Tuck Fech.


  3. statesborodawg

    while i am convinced that PJ is not going to change the balance of power between Athens and Atlanta (that O’Leary had managed to influence over Donnan), many fans thought there was no way that he could translate the success from D1AA to Navy….. Football is football and Johnson knows football. Think how much more fun it is to win a game that really means something, Johnson is going to make Tach relevant again


  4. Coastal Dawg

    Johnson has to bluster. I have to think part of this is about generating some ink for Tech. All the good press the Dawgs are getting can’t help Tech’s recruiting and fundraising.

    Don’t underestimate this guy. He can flat coach and he knows how to get teams to play above their so called potential. If Donnan coulda/woulda done that…..


  5. LrgK9

    Johnson’s offense will rip’em a new one in the ACC.

    SEC is a whole ‘nother matter.


  6. TripleR

    two words for the Tech boys: What and ever! Our defensive speed and strength will be very difficult for a one dimensional offense to overcome. Looking forward to the Saturday after Thanksgiving in Athens.


  7. Mike

    Hey Paul, the Wing T and the Veer were once unstoppable as well. Why don’t you bring those back?

    I almost feel sorry for the guy, but not quite.


  8. Mike

    I love that we are supposed to fear this guy due to his successes at Southern and Navy. Navy. Seriously?

    8 in a row coming soon, boys.


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