Spring football one liners

Quick summaries of the good, bad and ugly right now:


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3 responses to “Spring football one liners

  1. dean

    It’s funny how the Tech fans change their tune when it’s on of theirs. When a dawg gets arrested for underage drinking he’s a thug or criminal and the program is out of control. But since it’s a Tech player he’s just being a kid doing what all college kids do.


  2. mant

    Techies are operating at a whole different level of hypocrisy than we can even imagine. I’m sure somewhere in NerdLand they actually believe this offense means less to their program because no scooter was involved.


  3. Ally

    LOL! Louisiana Papers can say all they want, but short of Ryan burning down an orphanage on Christmas Eve, this kid is gonna play every game until he leaves LSU…and he knows it.

    And wasn’t Jaybo Shaw the kid who ran his mouth around signing day proclaiming himself to be the next yech qb to beat UGA??? Way to get the ball rolling kid.

    Having endured many years living in South Carolina amongst the kool-aid stained mouths of lamecock “fans”, I take great pleasure in wathcing SCUm’s annual trainwreck-palooza. And I have nothing but disain for SOS… But even I feel bad for the guy at the moment. I mean, seriously, what better way to ruin a legacy of gridiron prowess than to coach for South Carolina. I bet he wishes he’d never left the state of Florida.