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Black ops in Tuscaloosa

I haven’t commented on the now infamous “Gridiron Bash” cancellation, mainly because it wasn’t going to be an Athens event.

But you’ve got to love the paranoia that comes so easily to Tide fans.

The pettiness of the minor sports programs in the Southeastern Conference (cough Auburn cough) was once again on display when a school (cough Auburn cough) threw a hissy fit over the Gridiron Bash.

According to the Gridiron Bash organizers, a member of the SEC complained about the event. It takes little imagination to deduce where the complaint came from: it wasn’t from Alabama, Tennessee or LSU.

Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Vanderbilt aren’t important enough (or petty enough) to care about the bash. So we can rule them out.

Then that leaves us with a list of Auburn, Florida, Georgia and Arkansas.

Yes, it’s like the first half of a bad episode of Law and Order.  He goes through each suspect’s “alibi”.  You’ll be pleased to know that Georgia, while looking suspicious, does get struck from the list.

… Georgia and Florida are both programs at the pinnacle of success, and seek every advantage possible. Mark Richt was aggressive and insulting when he closed practice during Alabama week; he was attempting to gain a PR advantage over Nick Saban at the height of the NFL Spygate controversy. But it doesn’t sound like Richt to lie about the Gridiron Bash in a complaint to the SEC.

And lie is what the complaining party did, according to bash organizers.

The Bash organizers said whoever complained had “misrepresented” the event. “Whoever raised this issue misrepresented what the student athlete would be doing at the event to the NCAA,” MSL Sports president Shawn Garrity said in the Tuscaloosa News.

I think we can rule out Richt because he isn’t a liar.

Whew!  That was close.

The irony here is that the NCAA accuses Garrity of misrepresenting the NCAA’s position:

MSL Sports president Shawn Garrity said the shows wouldn’t work without the football teams present, comparing their absence to staging the annual Christmas show at New York’s Radio City Music Hall without the famed Rockettes.

“You’d hear the complaints about that,” he said.

In a statement, the NCAA called the claims by MSL Sports inaccurate. The NCAA said its only concern over the event was the participation of players, and it denied asking the company to stop the shows.

“During our discussions with MSL Sports Entertainment, we clearly outlined how they could hold the event within NCAA rules; however, they chose to not continue with the project,” the statement said.

I don’t really want to get into assigning blame here – that’s CR’s department – but how much credibility does a guy deserve when he doesn’t even bother to clear things with the NCAA early on?

Gosh, it makes you wonder if there’s another agenda behind the cancellation.

LSU sports spokesman Herb Vincent said MSL Sports cited the potential for rules problems in canceling the show in Baton Rogue, La., although school officials were disappointed in the public’s response since only 1,500 tickets had been sold a week before the event.

Tickets weren’t selling?  Damn, those Auburn folks are pretty sneaky.



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Georgia-ASU public service announcement

Hie thee over to Westerdawg’s blog for some details on how to purchase tickets to the Arizona State game this year (relatively) cheaply.

Seriously, this is quarter on the sidewalk stuff.  Go ahead, pick it up.


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Power plays

Three snapshots of leverage and egos:

  • Ryan Perrilloux still isn’t showing up for spring practice. And Les “I Make More Money Than Nick Saban” Miles can’t even bring himself to speak to the media about it, leaving it up to his players to comment. Now that’s leadership.
  • UK AD Mitch Barnhart held his breath long enough and got his way. He didn’t want to schedule the Louisville game for Labor Day because it wouldn’t give the ‘Cats enough time to prepare for Norfolk State. Never mind the fact that under the current arrangement between the two Kentucky schools, the home team controls the schedule date. Anyway, Barnhart has succeeded in moving the game back… one day. Nice. (ESPN has already moved to fill the Labor Day slot with a much better game – Tennessee vs. UCLA.)
  • And Clemmins’ AD, Terry Don Phillips, is whining about escalating coaches’ salaries, as he wonders “where it’s going to stop.” Take a look in the mirror, pal. Nobody made you play Tommy’s game when he flirted with the Arkansas job this past winter.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


UPDATE:  “The server said LSU coach Les Miles called the restaurant Saturday to apologize for Perrilloux.”  Say what?  I’m beginning to think Perrilloux has photos of Miles in a compromising position.


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Dawg day morning

Slow going this morning, but here are some brief Georgia goodies:

  • Depending upon how obsessive you are about the upcoming season, you might be interested in seeing some film on Georgia Southern’s scrimmage from last Friday.
  • Josh Kendall has an article up about Justin Anderson.  If he’s at 330 pounds and is the Dawgs’ most athletic offensive lineman, all I can say is wow.  As Joe Cox says about him, “When it clicks for him, he’s going to be scary.”
  • It’s not a large group right now, but Georgia’s 2009 commitment class is already distinguished.  Two of its members have been selected for the Under Armour All-America game.

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